MLHC Founder

Leo French MLHC founder
– Leo French, Founder
Centric Title & Escrow was established in 2021, but we trace our history and values back almost 50 years. The story of our parent company, Mother Lode Holding Company, started in 1973 when the late Leo French, established the Placer Title Company in California. His mission was to put together a team “who really cared about each other,” and, in turn, cared about the customers they served every day.
Leo believed that if this was accomplished, success would follow. To this day, he continues to be correct in that assessment.
Mother Lode Holding Company has grown throughout California and beyond, thanks to the other companies that make it up, including Centric Title here in New Mexico. Our key to success over the years has been our dedication to our customers, our fellow employees and the industry as a whole – just the way Leo would have wanted it, and his fingerprints are still all over the company today. He gave his employees the confidence to believe in themselves and quietly helped them in times of need. His personal strengths, caring and friendly personality is shown through the company he founded. Our team is proud to continue exemplifying those qualities as part of the MLHC family.
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